Perhaps not pretty, but educational for all involved.

Perhaps not pretty, but educational for all involved.

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Perhaps not pretty, but educational for all involved.

March 16, 2023

The game earlier tonight in Mourne Abbey was strong-willed and tough, and fair and played in a great spirit.  Mourne Abbey had a youthful team while the Killavullen outfit was a mixed bag, with young players like Colm Hannon and Barry Cotter, lining out with the likes of Pa Sheehan and Ian O Gorman. The purpose of a 2nd team is to give these young players experience in a non pressurised setting, and it more than meets this brief.

Against a strong wind, Killavullen were first to score from Ian, relishing the tough conditions, but Clyda got the next two points. Seamus O Mahony was one of a number of players to put his hand up, and impress the Junior A Management team in attendance, and Seamus scored next. Clyda got the next 3 scores to forge ahead, before Kevin Fox, and he now settling in, after being home from Australia only 4 days got our 3rd point of the night in the 16th minute of an entertaining opening period. Clyda though had the greater fire power on the night, and were able to take their chances better, and raced into a commanding lead with another 4 points in quick succession. Still, the game was very worthwhile, with Sean Bartley, Sean Palmer, Joe Cagney and Eoin O Hanlon very good for Killavullen, in this period. Pa Sheehan was assured as always in the full back line, while Billy Norris was ice-cool in our goals, and parried a good shot. Kevin scored again, from his midfield berth but Clyda got the final 4 points of the opening half to bring their tally to 0-13 as against 0-04 for us.

With the aid of the wind, we started the comeback with a point from Colm Looney, in the opening minute of the second period. We coughed up two more points from Clyda in break out moves, but we got a life line into the game, when a long delivery from Ian O Mahony evaded everyone in the Clyda goal, and went all the way to the net. Clyda answered back with a point, before Ian scored another free. Clyda, as is their ilk, did not shy away from a battle though, and carved out another point for themselves. Colm Looney scored a goal for us, to bring respectability to the score line.

Sean Palmer scored a lovely point from distance and Colm Hannon scored an impressive free, while Clyda stayed in front with another point. Steady in the frees, Colm Hannon scored again and we finished up with a tally of 2-09 to the fine score that Clyda put up, of 21 points.

A very worthwhile exercise, and loads of positives.

The team was

  1. Billy Norris
  2. Eoin O Hanlon
  3. Pa Sheahan
  4. Joe Cagney
  5. Kevin Fox (0-02)
  6. Pa Angland
  7. Sean Bartley
  8. Sean Palmer (0-01)
  9. Ian O Mahony (1-01, 0-01F)
  10. Seamus O Mahony (0-01)
  11. Ian O Gorman (0-01)
  12. Colm Looney (1-01)
  13. John O Regan
  14. Pa Cronin
  15. Colin Carey


  1. Barry Cotter for John O Regan – injured
  2. Michael Walsh for Pa Angland
  3. Colm Hannon (0-02F) for Colin Carey
  4. Colm Hannon for  
  5. Conor Shanahan for Pa Cronin
  6. Ed O Connor for Eoin O Hanlon

Thanks to Ava for keeping the score and statistics remarkably well, and it you are looking for an impressive cake for mother’s day, just check out her creations on Facebook – Cakes by Ava.

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