Disappointing Season’s End But Glass Half Full

Disappointing Season’s End But Glass Half Full

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Disappointing Season’s End But Glass Half Full

October 25, 2021

Killavullen 2-6 Kilworth 3-14

The dream of making a county final in the team’s inaugural year may have come to a painful end on Sunday, but mature reflection will surely view the glass as positively half full. Killavullen Junior Ladies were in no doubt about the challenge that lay ahead, but they travelled to Kilworth for a high noon shoot-out determined to overturn the defeat to their hosts during the league campaign.

Kilworth scored the first point from the opening attack and, despite Killavullen’s valiant effort to get a grip on the game, the lead stretched to two goals and four points, before Clara Walsh got us off the mark in the twelfth minute.

Kilworth’s dominance continued after the water break and two points from Niamh Buckley were brief respite from the concession of a further goal and three points.

The third quarter brought flashes of what the Killavullen ladies are capable of and a spirited performance from the whole team was rewarded with two points from Caoimhe O’Riordan and a point from Niamh Buckley, while brave defending limited Kilworth to two points in this period.

Kilworth scored first in the final quarter before Killavullen finally breached a strong Kilworth full back line with a goal from Jessica Scuffins. It was Kilworth’s hour however and there was no denying their superiority as they charged for home with four more well taken points. A late goal from a well taken free by Niamh Buckley was some consolation but the fact that the team hadn’t played to potential was the greatest disappointment.

The ladies have made tremendous progress under the coaching of Cathal Cronin and, with an exciting blend of youth and experience, there is much to look forward to for the coming year.

Sarah Brosnan, Edwina Dingivan, Olivia Cahill, Siobhán Sheehan, Claire Maguire, Clare Brennan, Shania Butler, Niamh O’Regan, Erica O’Connell, Claire Nagle, Kate O’Keeffe, Caoimhe O’Riordan 0-2, Andrea Fresh, Clara Walsh 0-1, Niamh Buckley 1-3, Emily Fresh, Sinéad Coakley, Leah Maunsell, Emma Taylor, Niamh O’Gorman, Jessica Scuffins, Catherine Norris, Aisling O’Keeffe, Orla O’Regan, Catherine Blake, Alice O’Flynn, Sarah Lane, Emma Nagle, Deirdre O’Gorman

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